"Everyday is a great day for hockey."

- Mario Lemieux

About this Tournament

Having a long, dark winter season has taken its toll on our town for the last time. We are bringing one of the largest hockey tournaments in the world to Timmins this February. The iconic Hollinger Park will host 22 pond hockey rinks and 1 NHL-sized rink covering Fred Salvador Field for this 3-day tournament.

So where did this event come from? After running a small tournament in early 2017, with only 4 days of planning, we had over 20 teams try to sign up but didn't have the ice to accommodate everyone. It became clear to us that a hockey tournament would mean a lot for our little town. And thus, The Hollinger Cup 2018 with 23 rinks was born.

Call up your teammates and sign up today. Whether you’re in a local beer league, have been retired from the game for a few years (or decades), or you’re still playing competitively, we want to see you on the ice and send you home with the cup. We’ll take care of the weekend’s dirty work, as long as you take care of the dirty dangles.


Teams Registered


People Total Attending



  • 3 players on ice; 2 substitutes for a total of 5 players

  • Co-Ed Divisions must include women & men on the ice at the same time (min. of 1 player opposite sex to the team).

  • $300.00/TEAM

  • No goaltenders

  • 2-10 minute play periods with a 5-minute break

  • Guaranteed 5 games (see event schedule)

  • Minimum 8 Teams for division to be considered (teams will be refunded if division folds)

  • Some divisions may be subject to merging if less than 8 teams in either division

  • After 4 Games the top 4 teams advance to Bracket “A” (Championship) and Bottom 4 teams advance to Bracket “B” (Friendly)

  • Each Division plays on specific rinks




    The nets are 8 inches tall and 6 feet wide. They have slots for the puck to enter during the game. We're doing this just like real pond hockey! (But with out the risk of falling in the pond)

    The ice itself will be scraped every hour during the tournament.
    pond hockey net



    Named after our downtown streets, get ready for an on-ice tour of Timmins! All our rinks will have 5' walls around them, keeping the puck in the boundaries. They will be cleaned with our zamboni throughout the tournament and kept well-maintained.

    How do you win this beauty of a trophy?

    To get your hands on The Hollinger Cup itself, your team must win within your division. It’s all fun and games but there’s only one winning team per division. Good luck!